Choosing and Buying your Veterinary Hospital's Domain Name

Purchasing your Veterinary Hospital Domain Name

One of the most important marketing decisions you'll make for your veterinary practice is the selection of a domain name for your hospital's website.

At its most basic level, a domain name is nothing more than the location on the internet where visitors can find your website. The address for your hospital website is similar to your home address.

A domain name establishes your hospital's presence on the Web; plays an important role in your branding efforts; and helps determine if your veterinary practice's website will rank high on Google or be lost in the vastness of the Web. Domain names and the strategies behind how they are deployed play a key role in marketing your practice.

Purchasing and registering your domain name is an integral part of creating your hospital's website. Once you have purchased and registered it, your website can be seen by the world. The best time to purchase your domain name is now, even if your website is not completed. Domain names disappear quickly and there are only a finite number of them. Each day more than 167,000 new domain names are registered. If the domain name you want is available and you don't purchase it immediately, you run the risk of loosing it to someone else.

There are many companies where you can purchase your domain name; however, you need to be cautious. Companies that sell domain name to the public are called domain name registrars. Before purchasing your domain name, choose your registrar carefully. Purchasing your veterinary hospital domain name from a reputable registrar can save you time and prevent unnecessary aggravation. Many registrars have gone out of business and some have even been purchased by companies located outside the US.

Choosing a Domain Name for your Website

The first domain name that you want to purchase is the name of your veterinary hospital. No matter how lengthy or complicated the name of your hospital may be, you absolutely need to own your name. If the exact name of your hospital is not available, you should buy one that is similar.

A good domain name needs to be simple, easy for clients to remember and represent the name of your practice. If you have already purchased your hospital's name and it is either very long or difficul for a visitor to remember, you may also want to buy a second domain name that is simple. Domain names are relatively inexpensive so purchasing a secon or even a third is recommended.

After deciding on a domain name, you need to purchase it as quickly as possible. Remember, the most important domain name to purchase is the name of your hospital. If the name of your hospital is complicated, lengthy or does not represent where you are located, it is wise to purchase an additional name.

If you need help registering your hospital's domain name, call TopDogRankings at 603-743-4321. Our web experts make sure that your veterinary hospital domain name is registered properly and that it is protected from abuse. Along with domain name registration services, we can help you choose the right domain name for your veterinary hospital website.