Out Top Rankings Veterinary SEO Specialists

The veterinary SEO and marketing staff at Top Dog Rankings is available to help you determine the best search engine optimization (SEO) package for your veterinary hospital website. Meet the team of veterinarians, website developers, designers, and SEO specialists at Top Dog Rankings.

veterinarian marketing specialist

Mark Feltz, DVM

What I do here: Boss everyone else around.
Talents: Veterinary knowledge, writing
Experience: I practiced veterinary medicine for 25 years and owned 2 practices for 20 years. I have been working with computers since 1986 and have been developing websites since 1998.
Favorite Dogs: Standard Poodle and West Highland Terrier.
Favorite Food: Grilled salmon, Thai food.
Least favorite food: I think I like everything.
Favorite Person: Ernest Shackleton - If you don't know who he is, you should.
Favorite Music: Rock.
What job would you least like to do? Work on an offshore oil rig.
What job (besides your current one) would you love to do? Guitarist in a rock band.

Veterinary SEO, Google, and Veterinarian Marketing specialist

Lauren Frazer, Veterinary SEO Marketing Specialist

What I do here: Search Engine Optimization.
Talents: SEO, marketing, writing, skiing.
Experience: 10+ years in SEO, a lifetime of writing.
Favorite Dogs: labs, retrievers-really, any goofy, loving, loyal dogs
Favorite Food: pineapple pizza and purple cow frozen yogurt (with sprinkles).
Least favorite food: beets, mayonnaise, apple pie, tomatoes, and orange creamsicles.
Favorite Person: My daughter, Lily: every day with her is a treasure.
Favorite Music: anything but jazz, Rod Stewart, Celine Dion, or Michael Bolton.
What job would you least like to do? anything Mike Rowe has done.
What job (besides your current one) would you love to do? Paperback Writer.

veterinary website design specialist

Alena Allegretti, Graphic Designer & Web Developer

What I do here: Tinker with websites and make them look all shiny.
Talents: Image manipulation, Photoshop, front-end web coding.
Experience: Graduated from Williams College with an Art degree in 2011, began working at VetNetwork in early 2012.
Favorite Dogs: All of them! Particular soft spot for rescued mixes.
Favorite Food: Sushi. Also chocolate.
Least favorite food: Green beans. Blech!
Favorite Person: Batman.
Favorite Music: Punk Rock, Punk hybrids.
What job would you least like to do? Window washer on a skyscraper.
What job (besides your current one) would you love to do? Superhero.